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Easy Thanksgiving Beef

November 18, 2014

imagesCAUZ99IO roast beefMy favorite beef recipe is not just for Thanksgiving but any time of year when we want something just a little special is easy and usually allows for leftovers.

Take a roast small enough to fit in your crockpot. Sometimes I’ll cut a roast in half to make it fit in two sections. I sprinkle it liberally with a garlic pepper seasoning we buy at GFS Marketplace or, alternately, their “Canadian Steak Seasoning.” Rub this into the meat.

From here I can use several variations. One favorite is sprinkling with a packet or dry onion soup mix, placing in the crockpot with about a half cup of water. Turn on low setting and let it slow cook all day – it’ll fall apart by dinner time. Add a couple side dishes, some rolls or bread and it’s a meal for every day or special days!

A second option is drizzling with maple syrup and just a quarter cup or so of water. A third option is sprinkling with homemade onion flakes, placing in the crockpot with a half cup of water or broth and some cubed potatoes, maybe carrot chunks or other variations.

Often the broth can be served with the beef or make gravy with it but the amount of water needed usually isn’t enough gravy for all. For two people a good sized roast is obviously more than one meal. Depending on how much is left it’s good to save for leftovers. For a half pound to a pound it’s wonderful in a stroganoff as it already has seasoning from the ‘first time around” so you can cook your noodles then add the shredded beef and other ingredients.

It’s equally good with cooked diced potatoes, reheated to mix together and topped with cheese or gravy. If there is enough left over it’s easy enough to divide and make two leftover meals from it, where the beef is the main dish the initial meal but part of a main dish two more times.

This not only makes use of leftovers but allows for inexpensive almost “heat and serve” meals for the busy Thanksgiving weekend that for many includes decorating for Christmas. A tasty but easy dinner is especially appreciated when it allows for time with the family and not taking a great deal of effort in the kitchen!

The best part – when you’re done you have the crockpot to clean up, making cleanup fast and easy.

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