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A Taste of the Holidays – Christmas Candy Cane Recipes

December 3, 2014

Candy-Cane-ClassicLegends put the origin of the candy cane as Germany in 1670, while it was the 1800s when a German Swedish immigrant brought the candy to the US. As it evolved it became a red and white now familiar candy and although peppermint is the most common flavor there are other flavors available. Originally they were just white.

Today there are 1.76 billion candy canes made annually. The world’s largest was 58 feet 2 ¼ inches. So popular is the candy cane we even have a national candy cane day that occurs – when else – the day after Christmas!

According to a standard candy cane has 55 calories, 0 fat. This makes them ideal for flavoring other candies and treats.

Candy canes abound in December but not everyone wants to eat them as hard candy sticks. What to do with them?! Use them!! Find some recipes that use candy canes and make the most of the holiday abundance! Many baking recipes can be adapted to easily include using Christmas candy canes. Here are some recipes that use candy canes.

Mix up some brownies – even a box mix works for this, mixed according to the directions. Toss in half to ¾ cup of oatmeal, mixing well, and pour into the pan. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes for a minty brownie. You can also mix in the crush candy canes. You won’t taste the oatmeal – between the chocolate and the mint of the candy canes it’s covered up.

Finely crushed candy canes mixed into chocolate fudge is a heavenly Christmastime treat. Stir in just before turning into the pan to cool, much as you would mix in chopped nuts.

Melt chocolate and dip candy canes in it – let cool and bag in a sealable bag. Use as stirrers for cocoa, hot tea and coffee – the hot liquid melts off the candy which flavors the drink of choice. If you don’t want or don’t have that much chocolate drizzle it across the candy canes.

Make up refrigerator cookies and roll them in finely crushed candy canes before slicing to bake. Sprinkle with colored sugar in red or green. Crushed candy canes can also be used in chocolate chip cookie dough, mixing thoroughly for chocolate-candy cane chip cookies.

Sprinkle finely crushed Christmas candy canes over ice cream then drizzle with chocolate for a quick and easy holiday dessert.

Although Christmas candy canes are plentiful during the holiday season these are some ways to use them besides just as candy canes.

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