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If You Eat, Read These Books

January 19, 2015

Beef picture cuts and leavesSo often information comes out that is misguided or outright wrong. Sometimes so wrong that it takes volumes to correct. Sometimes I come across books that would help with the fear many feel about their food, or the questions about the food supply.

I have a short list of books I call if you eat, read.

The Essential Good Food Guide – This book is given to share and CSA folks. It’s that good and I’m that serious about teaching people about food. What’s the difference between all purpose flour and bread flour? How do you pick the best produce? From grains to produce to herbs to spices…chock full of information to help you understand food better. There’s so much information in here that it’ll help you learn about your food. Get it. Use it!

Butchering Poultry, Rabbit,Lamb, Goat and Pork – From meat safety to processing to how, exactly, that pork chop or hot wing or BBQ Lamb got to your plate. If you think your processor charges too much, you might be aware how much they do to take a live animal and make it freezer ready to supply safe meals for your family. Don’t rely on YouTube videos or “I heard on the internet…” – read and know step by step how small farms and large make animals into cuts of meat.

In Meat We Trust – How did the modern food system get here? Why are feedlots so large and what is done to our food? Thorough look at the history of modern food, when the controversy was rail cars, to the over 120 years of not in my back yard (but we want to eat!).

Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice – Another how we got here. What’s true and what isn’t? Margarine or butter? How long have enhanced foods been used? What’s the rest of the story behind dietary advice?

roast chickenFood is important. These may not be as exciting as the latest novel or reality television show, but you’ll learn more! You’ll learn things that impact your life every day.

Reality reading beats cheap television any day.


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