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Label EVERYTHING! Really?

February 26, 2015

Label discussions are common in headlines, media and ballot initiatives. How much information do you really want to know about your food? Are you taking steps to find out? Have you considered what it REALLY takes for full disclosure?

Food, Farm, Life Choices

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes I read comment sections and wonder just how much people REALLY want, and if they realize what that takes. A great example came forth recently with a question asked on Eat Local Grown, a Facebook page.

Regular readers already know how I feel about BS labels. And food choices. And transparency. So it was with a tinge of excitement the page posed a question “Q: What should food companies be required to add to labels?” I admit the responses made my jaw drop. I expected GMOs, which was in several. Others wanted books. Among them:

Wilson JA GMOs, country of origin, all ingredients including how the plant was grown, ie toxins

Mike Panicc Listed by name any pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, chemicals natural or other, instead of flavoring it should list the chemical process done to flavor it including a list of every chemical in that…

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