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FDA Problems and Solutions

March 23, 2015

Many folks are frustrated with the FDA – what they approve and what they do. An example of this is a recent comment:

fda is just a lobby group for agrichemicals, pharma groups anymore. needs to be disbanded and reformed with no one allowed that has any ties to these groups allowed in upper-level positions. also no money/funding from any outside sources. such a clear conflict of interest.

What if there was no FDA?

600px-Swiss_cheese_cubesWithout FDA there are no recalls for food items that have incorrect labels, possible food allergy contamination and other food safety issues.

Without the FDA there is no longer rules of what can and cannot be used as ingredients in food. There’s no regulation of the drug industry. There’s no advice or guidance on medical devices or radiation emitting products. When you or your child or family member needs a blood donor, there’s no one to screen and test that it’s as safe as it can be. There is no regulation for cosmetics and pet foods – melamine anyone?

Are we willing to throw out the good things done because of approval that some disagree with?

“By the time Sinclair’s book appeared, Americans had been fretting about food safety and debating food and drug regulation for more than fifty years.” Maureen Ogle – In Meat We Trust

The Pure Food and Drug Act was signed in 1906. That puts it the mid 1800s when people started clamoring for food regulation – which has done nothing but increase. Now…now let’s throw it all away because the agency doesn’t do what *I* want?

Shall we, then, also toss out labels, warnings, recalls when food contains allergens? Shall we look the other way when truly harmful things are put into food, because no one is regulating it any more? Many are upset at FDA approval of genetically engineered foods – but does that mean in abolishing the agency there are no standards?

With some wanting to push for legally doing away with such agencies, think carefully before agreeing to such things. They were put in place for a reason, they have specific jobs to do.

And the consequence of having those things not done affect millions.



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