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What If You Don’t Want GMO Apples, Potatoes?

March 24, 2015

800pxFruits_veggiesRecently the news has been plentiful about the approval of GMO potato and apple varieties. Many folks are in full panic, outrage or combat mode. None of these are going to help your food choices, whether that is lowest cost, GMO or nonGMO or organic.

A few comments from a Facebook page of the NonGMO project:

The FDA is owned by the Big Ag and Big Pharma …I wouldn’t take anything they say or recommend as truth or in my best interest…ever!!

So if they’re not labeled, it’s not safe to buy or eat any apples. Sure is hard to feed your family healthy, safe food. Thank goodness for local farmers’ markets.

So an entire department that was developed to insure food safety is tossed because they won’t do what some want? So if the FDA issues a food recall due to allergens, and you have that allergen (or your child) then you ignore it because they can’t be truth? The number of recalls from which no one got sick is incredible. The tons of food and if 50 people get sick it’s headlines. Certainly that is serious, but it’s 50 out of 310million. Life altering? I’m not so sure.

Every one of us have food choices that are overwhelming to think about. Do you want to buy direct, farmer’s market, grow it, grocery store, super center, restaurant? Fresh, dried, canned, frozen, prepared to reheat or served? We have brand name and generic, vegan, vegetarian, regular food, and many other descriptions. Gluten free. Then comes the GMO discussion.

If you don’t want GMOs that is a choice. Is it fear of things said online? Do you feel after looking at both sides honestly, that it’s true? Are you willing to overlook genetic status for cost, or does it depend on the type of GMO? Some people decide that the GMO issue is mostly in food not for people, or in small amounts of human food so it’s not a concern. Others decide that they’re still not comfortable with it, and want to avoid it. Some folks will choose some things nonGMO and others are less of a concern.

We have those choices. Be informed about what GMOs are, and for your own peace of mind, decide where that factors in with your food choices. There are no commercially available GMO tomatoes, peppers, wheat, meats.

We learn about a computer, a car, an appliance in our home. Shouldn’t we learn more about the food we eat – food brought into our home every day?

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