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5 Things to do Today To Be Healthier Tomorrow

It seems too often we want the easy out but make things complicated. We want a button to push or a pill to take or cracker to eat that is going to fix things. Millions of Americans are eager to be healthier, and it results in billions of dollars of sales of books, vitamins, fitness programs and gadgets. Headlines have screamed “the last diet you’ll need” and “lose 10 pounds by (the next season/holiday)” and face it – if it worked for all of us it wouldn’t be needed now as much as when 30 somethings were in diapers!

So what to do? Simplify! Make it five things in a routine to change. It sounds simple.

1. Drink enough water. A glass or bottle of water 5-6 times per day can help with hydration and help you feel better. Spread it out and you won’t feel like a camel. Have a small glass to wake up, mid morning and at lunch. A couple glasses of water spread through the afternoon keeps a steady supply of water coming. Drink more if you’re working outside at physical jobs.

2. Eat a balanced diet. It’s not about avoiding certain foods if moderation is practiced. A portion of meat is about a deck of cards – balance with vegetables, enjoy fresh salads. Reduce the dressings and watch portions closer on desserts.

3. Get enough sleep – our bodies are resilient and can take the occasional shortfall. Normal hours of enough sleep is needed to recharge and function. Have a bed time routine to wind down.

4. Enjoy beauty around you. Pick some wildflowers or plant a butterfly garden. Have a serene place to retreat to even for five minutes. Take those five minute breaks regularly. On our sister blog at SlowMoneyFarm we have on the first of each month uploaded a “five minute break” series – it might be in a field or along a creek or on a wood stove but it’s five minutes you can tune in from anywhere.

5. Learn something new each day. This doesn’t mean about the latest celebrity or ‘news’ in the media…this means learn something you didn’t know before. If you need a starting place there is no better than your food supply. Read a farmer’s blog or learn about the food items closest to you right now. Who grew it? Empower yourself to enjoy food choices!

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