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About SlowMoneyFood

The food side of SlowMoneyFarm ~ while we have an established blog there, this one was transferred over to share on the end product- food! From rabbit and duck to garden produce, peppers, herbs and eggs, look for information and tips here directly related to food – cooking, home processing it, and other information.

Those interested in how we grow it are still welcome to also subscribe to our SlowMoneyFarm blog – this just helps those more interested in food and less interested in the production of it.

Here we’ll take questions, look at food choices (and what it really means), think over food issues, show how to use the foods we offer that are less common to many – perhaps duck or rabbit – and strive for that balance of money and food. Maybe think of your food a little differently, and how it got to your kitchen. I’ll share food related books sometimes that readers might enjoy.

If you’re interested in signing up for a farm share for food, of course we’d welcome that! Visit for more information or our page on our other blog. Or, if you’re too far away to buy, perhaps you’d be interested in our gift items, or just in enjoying the food talk…that’s welcome too! Thanks for visiting!

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